Monday, May 21, 2007

Finicky Dolphin Bite

The last few days the dolphin bite has been very finicky. It may be due to the wind changing out of the Northwest, or the abnormally high tides, but it has been tough. While there are plenty of big fish out there, they seem to be staying down and moving fast.

Magic floaters have been the ticket for a few captains, but even some great floaters are just not producing. Live pilchards have helped the captains that have them onboard.

On the bright side, the sailfish are biting and the Hawk channel rockpiles are holding nice lane snapper and a few mutton snapper. Yellowtail on the reef are biting, but only well on the out going tide when the water is not too clear.

The big tides are making tarpon fishing at the bridges more of a challenge with all the bay grass and gumbo moving through. The permit bite has been a little hit or miss, but definately worth the effort. Most of the permit on the wrecks are big so make sure your tackle is up to the task.

On the whole the fishing is great if you go with the flow. That is the great thing about Marathon, you have plenty of options.

With any luck, this front will change the dolphin bite around when we get a little Southeast wind. While I would rather be fishing, the front is bringing some much needed rain.

Tight lines,

Capt. Dallas

Monday, May 14, 2007

Is the Camera Really a Jinx?

It is amazing how superstition and fishing get intertwined. The last three trips I have been on, big fish have been hooked and a soon as someone get a camera ready the fish gets off.

Today, my crew hooked up a nice sailfish. We got a great show! This fish was hot and ready to show its stuff. After a couple of tailwalks and a two great flip jumps, I get the camera to make a short video. The fish runs to the boat, make a great head shaking jump and game over.

We weren't fishing for sailfish, just saw an opportunity and jumped on it. Still while the crew and I didn't care, the photos would have been nice.

Then after catching some tails for dinner, we try the permit. One got in the wreck on light tackle, no big deal, but then my customer breaks out a thirty pound test boat rod. We hook a brute! After twenty minutes, the fish is near the surface about twenty yards behind the boat. I turn the camera on, the fish takes offs, the line parts, game over.

My customer's drag was completely smoked. That is why the forty plus pound permit broke the line. Equipment failure or is it the camera curse?

Tight lines,

Capt. Dallas

Sunday, May 13, 2007

May Fishing

Sorry I haven't had a recent post, but I haven't had many trips. This is a weird season for sure. Things are picking up though.

Tarpon are in thick as theives. The night bite is best of course, but mornings are pretty good. Jumped one yesterday on the first drift in Key Weird. We got a few great jumps.

Finally will be doing a little dolphin fishing tomorrow in decent weather for a change and will stop to play with a permit or two later. I have some regulars in town after that so it looks like permit and sharks will be the ticket.

Reports from the other boats are picking up. Dolphin and tuna action is much more consistent, the mutton bite out KW is getting hot, yellowtails are feeding, grouper are a bit slow and more big blue marlin are being spotted.

Tight lines,

Should have a more detailed report tomorrow. Come on down for a fishing vacation in the Florida Keys.

Capt. Dallas