Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Maybe Normal has Returned?

Chatting with some buddies there seems to be some return to normal fishing conditions.  Quite a few respectable dolphin and a few Wahoo have hit the dock.  While I have a weather eye out for the swirl that is in the Gulf, there are a few customers in town and I may be out Friday for an eye witness fishing report.  With Bug season starting soon, I was a little surprised by the number of calls I have had for the next few weeks for guide trips.  The weird fishing conditions had my phone ringing pretty good at the end of last month, but the better weather didn't match the vacation/ day off schedules, so no fishing.

One of the guys scheduling a trip mentioned that fishing up his way has been a little off this year, so I don't feel that most anglers should take it to heart if things are not like normal.  The warmer than normal water temperatures early seem to have gotten the fish all frisky for spawning a little prematurely.  That's my story and I am sticking to it :)

Some of the seasonal regulars have taken my advice and shifted to more laid back fishing instead of burning fuel chasing fish offshore.  They have been bragging about very respectable mangrove snapper at and near the bridges.  Also the guys that I took to the patches in Hawk Channel and the inside reef have been crowing a bit when the weather has let them get out there.   They did listen when I mentioned that you can trailer boats to different spots when the weather picks up and find other spots, so the Old Wooden Bridge Fish Camp boat ramp did get a few extra visitors last week.  BTW, the Content Keys area is a short run from the OWB and has fine fishing and great scenery.  There were even a few that opted for the Pizza fishing special.  That's fishing the Old Wooden Bridge while munching on a No Name Pub Pizza.  So there is always some spot down here to wet a line.

The game plan for the next trip is more of the local basics, but it the weather holds, I should get a good crew for some Gulf Wreck fishing which can be pretty awesome.  Until then,

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Tight lines,

Capt. Dallas