Sunday, July 03, 2016

No accent fishing 101

Not everyday I get to fish with a crew that knows how to speak proper southern English, but today was such a day, complete with southern belles.

Fishing wasn't up to snuff unfortunately since I didn't get to a few spots I wanted to visit, but the crew saw things they wouldn't normally see, caught fish and learned a thing or two.  It was a catch and release day anyway so the box being light wasn't a problem. 

Since it is the week of the Fourth, plenty of folks are on the water and the majority were likely enjoying the day rather than slaying fish.  Not much to report other than the Mangrove fishing at the Seven Mile Bridge is a bit tough.  For whatever reason the fish are there but spookier than normal.  I could be that releasing fish under such conditions had something to do with that.

As a reminder, it is a bit sunny and warm out there so make sure you have plenty of water to go with your adult refreshments.  I missed out on a night trip this evening because I was a bit more drained than usual, but from the reports, the night Mangrove fishing on the reef is getting into full swing.  That is a great way to beat the heat while filling the cooler if you are so inclined.  Unfortunately, it looks like the tarpon bite at the 7 mile bridge might be about done with.  I didn't get a chance to check out some of the flats I wanted because of other fisherman, but  most of the usual spots didn't have much indication of fish and the water was close to gin clear. 

I saw a couple reports from offshore that weren't very impressive but it appears the wrecks are still loaded with mutton snapper, a few amberjack and the occasional tuna.  Everyday some boat offshore is finding a nice fish or two so it isn't a complete waste, but I wouldn't expect to fill the cooler right now.

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Tight lines,

Capt. Dallas