Thursday, September 06, 2007

So What is Happening?

Other than a fun trip with some old customers that are more like family than customers, there hasn’t been much going on the past week. The trip Monday was fun, we caught fish and my crew did a little spear fishing. With the clear water I thought that the spear fishing would have been better than the hook and line, but we had a fair catch of yellow tails and porgies. Spearing brought a couple of tasty hogfish home to boat.

The picture by the way is me with Cal Sutphin on the show before the great breakfast. has a simile-cast if you don't have a life.

This time of year is always slow so I am staying occupied with the Conch Tiki stuff. The radio show is a hoot and the groceries that go with the show are pretty awesome. Wednesday’s show was at Michael’s in Key West. That was a great time and Michael’s version of eggs Benedict was awesome!

Since fishing is slow I plan to write a few posts about the guys you may fish with if I am busy. Believe it or not, I tend to stay booked in season so I have to recommend a few captains to fill in for me. Some used to mate for me and some are captains I just like to compete with. They are all good.

Most will do a guide trip like I do, but they tend to want the charter only deal. That’s fine, the reason I am in Marathon is the diversity. You have a tons of fishing options in the middle keys. So I will showcase a few of my buds and their specialties so you can mix up your trip.

Enjoy some Marathon Heart of the Florida Keys Fishing