Monday, January 01, 2007

Blogging the Florida Keys With Captain Dallas

This blog started as a way to get my name out to my old fishing buddies. Since I move around a bit, job wise, they have had a tough time finding me, but now the blog is really helping out. Getting a blog or Website to work its way to the top of the Google search page requires a lot of content.

Since the wind has been blowing like crazy for almost a week, I thought I would write a little article on how to get to the top of the search engine listings.

Key phrases are the ticket with tons of content listing alternate related terms. My main goal was for people to find me. Luckily Dallas is a pretty unique name. That makes life simpler. However, there is a big city that has that name. Captain Dallas, helps get more to the point. That’s great, but there was a pretty good movie called Alien that had a character called Captain Dallas. Boy was getting past Capt. Dallas from Alien tough.

Capt. Dallas of the movie didn’t fish much, so fishing with Capt. Dallas makes it easy for googlers to find me. So people can search Capt. Dallas fishing, fishing Capt. Dallas, captain dallas fishing or any of those combinations and get my stuff first on the search engines.

Back to Alien, I pretty much figured there was no way I could get past the fictional captain dallas. Wrong, it was possible. While the movie Dallas is much more popular than I am, he doesn’t get written about as much as I do. Because I sign my blog posts with Capt. Dallas or captain dallas or even captdallas, I get listed pretty high in the search engines. This explains why some of you don’t think I know how to sign my own name. It is an evil plan to rank higher in the cyber-verse.

So in case any of you guys want to see anything I have written recently you can find it pretty quick with a search. Since I write for Associated Content, I use the penname captdallas2. If you search that penname you will find everything I have written anywhere on the Internet. Not that anything I wrote is particularly good, some of it is OK.

Now if any of you guys are into blogging, you might want to use this key word stuff to optimize your search engine performance. While you probably won’t make any big bucks, you can actually make a little pocket change with your blog. The neat thing is you can make money online without selling anything.

If you have a hobby you are passionate about, you can write your views on anything related to that topic and people will read it. If you write a lot of content on the subject. The better you write and the more you write, then the more people will read. Those little ads on the page are AdSense advertisements that people may click on and that is were the money comes into play. The more they click, the more you get paid.

AdSense aligns the ads on your page to the topics you write about in your blog. If you are into paintball for example, that is what the ads will be about. So write about differ paintball equipment and parks and you will get related ads. The more information you provide, the better shape your blog will be in.

None of this happens overnight. It takes time to build the content and for the search engines to find your content. This isn’t a bad thing for most bloggers. It gives you plenty of time to build content. It also gives you plenty of time to improve your writing skills.

This article has absolutely nothing to do with fishing in the Florida Keys, but if you are one of my regular readers it is something you should think about. Blogging can be a lot of fun. If you get into, you can even make a little cash. It is a great way to promote anything you want to promote.

So give blogging a shot sometime and see how you like it.

Tight lines,
Capt. Dallas, the one that fishes.

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