Friday, March 02, 2007

Just and Update

Fishing has finally picked up. Haven’t been doing much sexy fishing offshore. Mainly fishing 101 trips for small boat renters. Josh, a former mate of mine had a great swordfish trip a couple of nights ago. Captain Jeff has been doing pretty good on tarpon at the bridge over the last week. The fishing the bay is a little inconsistent but the mackerel, seatrout and mangrove snapper still show most of the time. Sailfishing is almost dead off Marathon. Not completely dead, but close. A better bet has been anchoring in the 80 to 100 foot range and ballooning a live bait while doing some ‘tailing.

In case you were wondering, the charter boat investment deal is still alive. With the slow start to the season I let it slide for a while. The numbers have changed due to the late start and the 2007 model Panglers. There is also and longer term option being discussed for tax purposes. The longer term will most likely include the Andros 26 footer and more equipment for depreciation. This would be a $60 to $100 thousand investment with a four to five year term. The CPA’s will have to work out the details, but the 30 plus percent tax bracket guys will benefit. I not sure how the end game will work just yet but a trust that takes the profits and invests in local real estate seems to be likely.

The regular fractional ownership has two serious and a couple of maybes investors lined up. As I said with the late start, the numbers have changed. Still it is a win-win situation for regular vacationers that like to fish.

Take it easy and tight lines

Capt. Dallas

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  1. Your post got me wondering (you can take this as an article suggestion, too), what kind of rules apply to sport fishing? Specifically, endangered species act, etc. I just heard a story on NPR yesterday where they're trying again to get white marlin back on the list because of some roundscale swordfish that looks like marlin. ...And, if a species is on the list, how is that enforced in international waters? I guess they can only catch you if you come back to a U.S. harbor? Inquiring minds would like to know.