Monday, July 02, 2007

More Fishing 101

Considering the full moon, we had a good trip yesterday. I was disappointed with the yellowtail bite though. On two of my favorite spots the tails were all mixed up with shorts and barely legals. Normally, we would have plenty of fat 14 to 18 inchers with very few shorts. We could have kept a bunch of 12 1/2 to 13 inchers, but that's like robbing the cradle. Still everybody caught fish and there was enough for dinner with the snake king mackerel thrown in.

The rubble pile was pretty hot but the big fish won. We lost six or eight bigger fish to the wreck and/or toothy critters. The bigger tails were biting when we first got to the rubble pile, but the king mackerel moved in and ruined the tail bite. Still, it was fun hooking up with the Kings even though most of them managed to either bite above the wire leader or got ate by something else. Brandon, boated the King for dinner (about 28 inches) and his brother Dillon managed to get in an 18 inch tail. A big wake broke the anchor loose or we would have stayed longer to try and even up the score with the big critters that were making us look bad.

We missed the current in Hawk Channel so we didn't get any big lane snapper. Still there was plenty of action for about 45 minutes with short red grouper and one just short mutton snapper (Dillon's first which he was pretty proud of).

Anywho, the crew caught fish and learned some new areas to fish and eat here in Marathon.

Tight lines,

Capt. Dallas

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