Thursday, August 30, 2007

Just an Update

Here is what’s happening lately. Fishing, not much, the customers are pretty thin since the kids went back to school. I have been using the time to help start a new business down here selling Tikis and replacement thatch along with some other stuff. Check out the new site at

Involved in the new business is a weekly radio spot on 1300 AM. The “Reelin’ in the Keys” show with Cal Ripkin. We were thinking TV, but they decided I have a face made for radio. The show is fun and I will try to find a web link if anyone wants to listen in.

For fishing reports, the bay is starting to show a few small cobia, but few keepers. Once they get thicker, you need to get your butt down here for some fun and great eating. The Grouper are starting to show on the reef in the yellowtailing areas but that should peak in about six weeks. ‘Tails are a little finicky with the water clear, but to the east a little there are some nice flags being brought to the boat along with a few very sexy mutton snapper and the occasionally keeper grouper.

Offshore is hit or miss. I have been lucky the last couple of trips and caught plenty for dinner. Very few large dolphin are being reported. Some nice blackfin and wahoo are being caught, but not on every trip. Until the water temperature drops a little it will be hard to target much offshore except around the humps.

The ultra-deep droppers are having some success. I don’t do deep drops in two thousand feet of water. If you have an 80 wide and a few sash weights I can take you to a few spots to try it out. Electric reels are definitely in order for this kind of fishing.

Anyway, hopefully I will have better reports soon. Until then tight lines,
Capt. Dallas

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