Saturday, February 21, 2009

Glenndevon, Sounds like a Fine Scotch.

Dad Glenn and son Devon were my crew for the day. The goal was tight lines, a little dinner and hopefully a shark or two for 14 year old Devon. The morning started out just as I planned. Thousands of good sized Jack Crevalle were terrorizing balleyhoo at the seven mile bridge. We hooked five on light tackle and boated one for shark bait. Then they disappeared. It was like I was trapped in the twilight zone. Here I have the easiest trip imaginable and the Jacks disappear.

The winds that were supposed to be near 15 and decreasing stayed at 20 ruling out my honey holes due to a very confused seas. I fall back on plan D to get dinner before taking on the shark encounter. The half dozen yellowtail for dinner take three times as long as normal to get on ice.

With only an hour of fishing left we shoot for Devon's favorite target shark. We hook a four foot Brownie a couple of minutes after putting the bait in the water. Since the video camera malfunctioned, we had no problem getting that one to the leader. The second much larger shark spit the bait as soon as the video camera got fired up.

There has to be a photography spiritual cleansing ritual that doesn't involve virgins some where to simplify my life.

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Tight lines,

Capt. Dallas

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