Thursday, July 15, 2010

I am Back I Think

I have been sick as a dog and slow as all hell for the past few weeks.  The last couple of days though have been much better so I may be back on track.  Yesterday I took the 10 hour Hazmat course so I can pick up tarballs in case they ever arrive.  The most challenging part of the course for most was passing the drug and alcohol test.  I blew a perfect 0.000 on the blood alcohol test which may be front page news locally.

The reason that may be news is because with the goofy crud that I think Chris Johnson passed on to me, I have experienced a touch of vertigo that is a bit like a cheap high.  So many think I am drunk as a skunk in the mornings.  Either that is passing or I am getting use to it.

Fishing, the hot news is still the snapper bite.  Flag yellowtails, big mangrove and monster Mutton snapper are still on the menu.  Business wise the big news is that most charters are hanging around the dock with thumbs firmly implanted in their butts.  I do have a few trips scheduled over the next couple of weeks but they are yet to be finalized.

Speaking of trips this time of year, many visitors would like the convenience of a pool following a day on the water.  Captain Pips Marina and Hideaways has about everything you want except a pool.  When people stay at Pips it makes my life much more convenient but there are other options.  The Hammocks, which is a Blue Green Resort, is also close.  Since Michele works there and my niece and her family stayed there over the Forth I have to give them a plug.   The fam had a great time there though mal de mar heavily impacted the fishing portion of their mini vacation.  The Hammocks rooms are nearly as clean as Pips and there is a Tiki Bar and nice pool on site.  Dockage is very limited there so I normally have to bring the boat over for pick up and drop off, but it is so close that is no big deal.  The off season rates are excellent and you are still within walking distance of Porky's, the Castaway and Burdine's plus the Tiki at the Hammocks has good munchies if you just want to hang around poolside.

A quick note.  I know of at least one trip that was canceled due to fear of oil spill.  BP has said that they will reimburse me for lost trips if I have documentation.  So if you have canceled or postponed a trip due to fear of oil please send me an email at

For more lodging opportunities,  Capt. Judge Herb of the Spirit snorkel has rental properties listed under Manatee Havens.  They don't have pools but are very close to pools located at Sombrero Resort and the Sunset Grill.  He's a nice guy so give him a shot if you can't get into Pips.

Marathon in the Florida Keys, with its oil free waters, should be your next fishing vacation destination. Join us for charter fishing, fishing guide trips or our fishing 101 so you can fish on your own with better success.

Tight lines,

Capt. Dallas

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