Thursday, October 07, 2010

Lazy Days

Other than the fact that it is nearly impossible to book a trip, I love this time of the year in the Keys.  The weather is ideal.  You can cross US 1 without having to wait forever for a gap in traffic.  There is no wait in the checkout line at the WD and you can nap in a hammock without some Dilbert asking you what you are doing.  I never have figured out why anyone would need to ask what a person laying in a hammock sound asleep is doing.

Restaurants in town also start realizing that a tuna sandwich with chips may not really be worth eight bucks.  Some even begin to realize that ten dollar hamburgers, four dollar Bud bottles and (This is my favorite) eight dollar grilled cheese sandwiches are not going to pack their establishments.  Now, you can get good lunch specials with reasonable portions for under six bucks.  Just the other day I had pasta with meatballs and garlic bread for under six bucks with tax.  The portion was large enough that a little hammock time was in order.

There are a few type A personalities and some folks that think that just because they have the ability to talk, they have to constantly.  Most of the time it is pretty easy to avoid these people.  Some even begin to realize that the world doesn't really revolve around them.

So this time of year I take care of the few things I need to take care of without rushing.  Find time to shoot the breeze with buddies.  And of course make time for a little nap here and there. 

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Tight lines,

Capt. Dallas

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