Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Slow Day, but We Did Alright

I sure like it better when the fish do what I expect, but some times they make me work for a living. Chris wanted to make sure I know what I am doing so he mated for me today. Now I am sure Chris has more experience catching Mutton Snapper, since I typically don't target just one species, but I think I do a good job when I set my mind to it.

By the way, Mutton Snapper can get hammered pretty hard down here. I personally would like to have a few around in case I might need one, so I don't hammer them. A few off of one spot and let that one rest for a while is all I plan on doing. No, these particular numbers are not something I tend to share. I you are willing to put in a little time hunting you can find a spot or two in the 110 foot to 300 foot range that will produce a few decent fish like these.

Weather wise, today was another beautiful day, though I may want to turn on the A/C this evening :) Fishing the reef was a little messed up. If you hit the right spot you did good, if not, you got to see a bunch of fish with lock jaw. Grouper season is still closed so we released a couple of rather nice size red grouper about 26" long and a bunch of shorts.

There are pretty nice size King Mackerel on the ocean side in the 120 to 150 foot range if that is your cup of tea. The Mangrove bite at the bridges is still going strong as well. Spanish Mackerel on the Bay Side are still pretty easy to target and the Tarpon are getting thicker at the bridge. With the mild winter, I kinda expect the dolphin bite to be off the hook this season. As long as fuel prices don't go through the roof, I may be able to put some dolphin specials together for the die hard freezer fillers.

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Tight lines,

Capt. Dallas

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