Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Seven Mile Grill Changing Owners

The Seven Mile Grill is changing hands.  Bill and Shirley Scott fell like retiring so they are.  For a few days the grill will be closed while the paperwork is finished.

Whenever an Iconic Marathon dining establishment changes hands rumors run rampant.  Kinda fun to listen to the peanut gallery guess what's happening.  What is really happening is a business transaction which is a lot like selling a boat, the second best day for the sellers and the first best day for the buyers.

Anyway, I am stocked up on hot sauce and malt vinegar for the next twenty years as the food inventory has to be reduced to simplify the closing.

The new owners will be moving in soon so we can find out who has jobs and who has to look for jobs.  I imagine Michele will be returning to work.  Fonzy is thinking about a change.  I may have to start paying for coffee :)  Time will tell.

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Tight lines,
Capt. Dallas

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