Friday, July 26, 2013

Bye-Bye Buggers Phase I

The first wave of Florida Spiny Lobster gathers are headed back home.  I do my best to stay off the water during the two day sportsman season.  It gets to look like a parking lot out there.  This year it seems they all played nice and had a productive trip.  Next week the traps will start going back in the water then the regular season will start the second week of August.

Fishing wise, the full moon is waning so day fishing on the reef will be a lot easier.  Offshore Tuna should be good with larger dolphin a bit hard to find among all the smaller peanuts.   The peanuts make great bait for Marlin and such, so this is the time of the year when the big fish stories become more regular.

While the main tarpon run is past, there are plenty of resident fish that fall for some of the old school tactics like dolphin bellies soaked on the bottom.  Sea trout should be in the bay along with the Mangroves returning from the spawn.  Some of the Gulf wrecks should be producing a mixed bag of everything from snapper to permit to cobia if you have the weather and the gas money to make the run.

Looking at the weather, it is hard to say what the heck is going on.  This week the weather was beautiful and last week it was wicked.  When it is a little more predictable, summer can be a great time to run to Cay Sal for some serious fishing adventuring.  When it is not predictable, doing a back country out offshore home two day trip can be a lot of fun.  That way you can get to some shelter if things get too sporty or camp near some of the back country Keys if you have plenty of bug spray should the wind calm.  Late summer is best suited for two or three day get-a-ways for Florida residents that can drive down.  After next week the room availability will free up and the off season rates start kicking in at various places.  That is a great time for sneaking in for good fishing at more affordable prices. 

One thing good about all the bad weather is that the fishing has picked up.  The weather reduces some of the pressure and get things mixed up enough make things interesting.  I am going to try and sneak out for some scouting in a week or so of the bay wrecks that are not too far back to see if pre-Wilma mix is back.  Before Wilma stirred the Bay up there was some serious trout fishing fairly close with the occasional grouper,  big mangrove and legal cobia without having to run all the way to the Gulf.  It can be hit or miss, but on a hit it is amazing.  Add some Florida Lobster to the mix and the box can look mighty impressive.

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Tight lines,

Capt. Dallas

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