Thursday, January 22, 2015

Late January

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I have been sitting on my butt more than fishing the past week.  Had a Bay Side trip on the Lady Catherine where the guys had a good time catching good size Spanish Mackerel and respectable Mangroves along with watching the Black Tip Sharks taking their cut of the action.  That is a typical higher winds than you like trip where you still get a lot of action without getting you butt kicked.  The rock piles in Hawk Channel are still hot, but with mainly East winds it is a bit bumpy for the more mature angler.

I thought I had a few pictures but they came out looking a lot like my thumb from a very close distance so I won't bother.  In any case, Lady Catherine had to be hauled for some strut repair but is back in action now and running better than ever.

Still battling to get my old phone number back.  There is a lot of posts by folks that seem to have had a good time with me that have that old number and not my blog so I hope I get it back.  If not I will just have to start over marketing the new one.

For the guys that know Michele, she is up in NY visiting her mom who is having a time dealing with doctors.  Her mom must be a bit like me since she keeps telling them to piss off, she is going back home where she can smoke when she wants.

On the Lady Catherine side of things, Captain David is promoting Rock pile and Patch trips since it is happening and the Hogfish are photogenic and tasty as well.  I believe he has the trip at $500 for a half day that is mainly fishing since the trip is short.  Along with the Hogfish are the Porgies, various snapper with the occasional nice mutton snapper.  Grouper are closed of course.

Also as usual for this time of the year it is feast or famine.  I am booked pretty solid in February plus have a couple of doctor's visits to deal with.  Until then though I am open.  The weather is typical for this time of year with a couple of great days, a few Bay Side or close days and a couple of fantastic drinking days.  Not quite as many drinking days as the past couple of years though.

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 Tight lines,

 Capt. Dallas

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