Monday, June 29, 2015

Closing out June

I have had a number of trips and managed to take almost no photos.  Most of the trips have been offshore and while the bite isn't fantastic we are catching fish.  Tuna have been harder than I remember.  Yesterday isn't a good example, the hump on Sunday before July 4th was a parking lot and we only managed one BlackFin.  Generally, we would hit a good number of Skippies and BlackFin past the ups and downs but this year not so much.  We should have stayed with the schoolie dolphin is 800 foot of water and waited for a big one but I was under a tight schedule needing to be back at the dock by 1:00.

800 to 1200 foot seems to be the right range for now since the stream has been staying offshore.  There are more fishing moving closer to the reef but they are still mainly peanuts.  Still lots of Sargasso Weed everywhere and it is still scattered making trolling a pain.  Magic floaters and big patches are good bets for getting fish in the box.  Seeing lots of small triple tail as well.

I was hoping to get a snapper trip or two in but everyone has wanted to go offshore. Maybe this week.  

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 Tight lines,

 Capt. Dallas

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