Friday, August 07, 2015

Barbed to the Bone

I almost had a video of me removing one from myself, but the video and the hook both didn't come out.  I was barbed to the bone with one of those Sabiki rig hooks.  Those little hooks are a bitch to get out.  So it cost me some time and money to get an expert to show me how to deal with "Barbed to the Bone".

The expert was a doctor at the Fisherman's Hospital Emergency Room.  I have on several occasions removed regular barbed hooks from myself and others using the method above.  If you can hold the eye of the hook tightly down, it works like a champ.  If you can't, not so much.  Since neither I nor the ER doc could hold it down tight enough, there were a couple of no gos that seem to drive the hook in a bit tighter.

The ER doc and I had a bit of consultation after the no gos and he modified the method to include a very tightly cinched knot around the bend of the hook well on the barb side of the bend as opposed to the shank side.  That did the trick and got the little bastard out.

Since the video didn't turn out here is the first frame of the failed attempt.

While I am at it I may as well show one of their catch photos.  As I have been saying it has been a weird season and very inconsistent bite for many species but at least the Barracuda are back in form.  I am likely to be chillin' until Sunday and Monday when I have schedule trips aboard the Lady Catherine.  Since I have some fam coming down I have arraigned for my nephew Cary to fish with that group so we will have a real family fun trip or two coming up.

This provides an opportunity to explain "split charters".  Hardly any captain in the Keys likes to get involved with split charters.  We generally let potential split groups discuss things on their own so we can stay out of it as much as possible.  Most splits work out fairly well but there are always exceptions and one bad exception can cost much more than it is worth.  However, costs are getting ridiculous so it is an option.  With a split I like to evenly divide the generic catch between the crew and save the special fish for the actual angler.  Then it is up to the angler if he/she wants to share or not, but I like for everyone that wants fish to have fish and consider fishing a team effort.

Since a lot of vacationers don't have access to a full kitchen we recommend cook your catch restaurants that do family style meals with several varieties of preparation.  On the Lady Catherine, Lazy Days South has been kind enough to provide 10% discount.  They do a great job in my opinion but then so do most restaurants down here.

Shipping fish is expensive and can be a PITA.  In most cases, simply freezing the fish as well as possible and getting one of those insulated carry on bags does the trick.  If you don't have a freezer available, a few blocks of dry ice from Publix or WinnDixie does the trick and if the airline or whatever has a problem with dry ice I you can just pitch it in a trash can, which the TSA guys have available after a thorough strip search.  

Marathon in the Florida Keys should be your next fishing vacation destination. Join us for charter fishing, fishing guide trips or our fishing 101 so you can fish on your own with better success.

 Tight lines,

 Capt. Dallas

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