Thursday, March 17, 2016

The lil Lady Catherine

With the Island Hopper bound for Hawaii, the 26 foot sailfish is the new Lady Cathrine.  David and I fished with 5 anglers today and she done good.  Of course you don't really need a captain and mate on a 26 footer, but 5 and 6 anglers can be pretty tough on one guy.

I considered today as kind of a check out for the sailfish.  With 7 pretty hefty guys, full of fuel and loaded with gear, she ran great and rode nice and stable.  The bite was a bit slow with the current being very weak, but after finding a friendlier current when caught a nice mess of yeloowtail snapper and big eye snapper or toro.  The toro isn't in the same family as snapper, but they do eat about as well.  We also kept enough good sized grunts for an appetizer.

The pork fish in the photo is the only picture I took on my phone, but the crew took quite a few and might share them later.  I probably need to take more photos of the sailfish center console for my next post.  I am not sure what all the rates are going to be or what kind of discounts I can finangle.,but I will try to set up something for the off season.

Most everyone is doing good fishing and there are some good offshore reports for tuna and dolphin.  I noticed that Bucko boated his first Tarpon of the season and the Lil Lady Catherine will be available for Tarpon trips.
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 Tight lines,
 Capt. Dallas

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