Sunday, November 06, 2016

Finally a little News

It has been a slower than normal off season.  Only one bay side trip for Mangroves in October and had to resort to raising a sunk boat for something to do.  But that was October.  November is shaping up better with a few trips booked and the Spanish Mackerel showing up in the bay.

On the ocean side, there has been a fair run of sailfish with a few dolphin and tuna mixed in here and there.  Not great catching but still worth a trip.  For the guys that have been getting to the patches there have been some nice red grouper catches.  Snapper are steady on both sides if you get the wind and current right.

With the winds being iffy and the customers slow, several locals have taken to bridge fishing just to get out and have been having a ball with jacks and the sharks.  Yellowjacks, which most find good to eat have been mentioned pretty regularly lately.  The locals most often don't really want to fight the sharks, but when you let a jack struggle around the boat for a while, watching the bigger bull sharks try to catch a jack is pretty fun. 

Only two more days and we can get this crazy election behind us.  A buddy said that Hillary pulled the wool over his eyes and then he found out it was 60% cotton.  Still waiting to see the trilla in vanilla when Biden and Trump fight it out though.

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Tight lines,

Capt. Dallas

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