Tuesday, June 06, 2017

In the Reef to 250 foot range

This trip yesterday could have been fantastic if we had not managed to miss two really big fish.  One was big bull dolphin which we got a good look at and the other was most likely a really big tuna.  By really big, I mean over 25 pounds not a giant or any thing.  We fished all day in the 100 to 250 foot depth range right off the reef.  Most of the tuna were smaller lil Tunny which some folks like and some don't and one was a respectable black fin.   There were tons of peanut dolphin with about half legal, but when you have bait size dolphin you always have a shot at the larger fish that likes eating them.   So working the peanut schools can produce trophy fish provided you manage to not lose the $%stard!

These are from a June 1st trip in search of Muttons.  The bite sucked as soon as the current shifted but we did manage a nice black grouper and porgy on the first two drifts before the shift.  I like porgies so I drop a chicken rig with shrimp while my clients drop live bait for the big fish.  We did get one undersized Mutton, which is abnormal when dropping on the deeper wrecks, so we tried a couple of patches for the Mangroves.  The three we caught were in the 17" to 18" range to provide some perspective on the grouper.  That grouper was a personal best for Manny who fishes the wrecks all the time.

We will have a bit of rain for the next few days which is much needed down here then I should have more fish to show off.

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Tight lines,

Capt. Dallas

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