Sunday, December 03, 2006

Getting Close!

I think the pangler issues are resolved. We located one with the leaning post live well. Also have a lead on a custom built fish box for the bow. This should make a great casting deck. Pull up cleat for the bow will clean it up nicely for my fly guys. The live well and the fishbox will also even out loading to reduce the wet foot problem. Adding ping pong ball scupper stops will help too. Going with a very simple Garmin combo GPS/sounder to keep it real clean looking. All of this will add a couple of grand to the price, but much less than I thought.

A bait cooler wil fit perfectly in front of motor splash well. The drink cooler will be the only thing really in the way. I may go with another custom cooler to clean that up a bit. Have a few really neat ideas for tackle storage. This boat is going to be the cat' ass.

Tight Lines

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