Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Keysy Christmas

It is the Holiday’s again, time to enjoy family and remember the reason for the season. That means fishing to me. Christmas and New Years signals the start of the tourist season in the Florida Keys. While my posts of late have been few, they will start picking up in the coming weeks and months. Tomorrow as with most Christmas Days, I will be fishing for a living. An afternoon half-day as a guide for a nice couple that just arrived in town.

The game plan for tomorrow’s trip is a little Keys fishing 101. Show the customers how to boat around the area without tearing up their rental boat. There will be a quick tour and then we will fish areas suited to the boat they rented and their seaworthiness. Winter is a little breezy in the Keys. The fish don’t mind the weather at all, the boaters mind to varying degrees. Living on an island is a great thing for boaters that don’t like it rough. There is always a leeside and a place to fish. So after the basic intro to the Keys 101, we will move into how to not get your butt kicked in the Keys while fishing.

Next we will move into basic Keys fishing techniques. My customers aren’t familiar with saltwater fish or fishing. They have considerable fresh water bass fishing experience. My job will be to teach them the differences between the two and break them of their bass habits.

With the weather to blow up a little tomorrow, classic Keys bridge fishing techniques will be the order of the day. The snapper bite at the bridge has been great so we shouldn’t have any problem catching fish. Most vacationers are not really satisfied with just eating fish; they want a challenge, something Big! The bridge offers all of that. So a little basic Tarpon fishing and basic Shark fishing will be on the syllabus.

Hopefully, they will have a digital camera so I can post a few photos. I really need some more interesting pictures for my posts or all you guys will start going somewhere else. Just try to bear with me for a few days and maybe I can add a few attention grabbing glossy photos of big fish and happy customers.

Happy Holidays guys and save a little eggnog for me.

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