Thursday, December 13, 2007

Shark Fishing!

I don't have a clue why, but lately all i am getting is shark fishing trips. Don't get me wrong, shark fishing on light tackle is a ton of fun. Still five out of my last seven trips have been for sharks on light tackle.

We have been averaging fifteen hook ups per day on the sharks, plus a variety of other fish. Two of the last three trips have produced keeper grouper. Not that that is stellar grouper fishing, but it ain't a bad by-catch for shark fishing trips in the Bay. Quite a few nice mangrove snapper, a few yellowtail snapper, a variety of jacks and tons of Spanish mackerel round out the by-catch on most trips.

The sharks brought to the boat are mainly browns in the 30 to 50 pound range with a few lemons and blacktips mixed in just for fun. Several large bull sharks have been hooked up. On 12 pound test most of these mercifully broke off. It can take a long time to wear out a 300 pound shark with a 12 pound spinning rod.

The reef is loaded with bait! Once the wind shifts to the Northeast and stays there, the action for big mangroves, yellowtails and a few muttons and grouper should be good for the meat fishermen. The sailfish and king mackerel are here waiting for the wind to change. Near shore drift fishing will really heat up here when this front slides through.

Fishing isn't the hottest I have seen for this time of year, but is pretty good.

Tight lines,
Enjoy some Marathon Heart of the Florida Keys Fishing


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