Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Boy Howdie!

With fishing, Tiki huts and general fixing stuff I have been busy. Fished most every day the last couple of weeks except during the cold front blow. That was a serious cold front! The iguanas were falling out of the trees every where.

Fishing wise, most of my trips were close in with the smaller boats which was just fine with me. The bridge has been holding some nice mangroves with sharks and various jacks for the out of towners to get their line stretched. Muttons and some keeper grouper are on the Hawk Channel rock piles. The bigger Spanish are moving in close in the Bay. Along with the Spanish we have been getting some very nice mangroves and a grouper here and there. With the cold front, the big King Mackerel are harder to find and the Cobia are playing hide and seek. I know they are out there, just have to find were they relocated.

The sailfish are off the reef, but you may have to run a ways to the west to get into them hot and heavy. Once things stabilize after the light front we had yesterday, they may pop up closer to Sombrero Key Light. I don't have a tuna report because of the wind. A few dolphin have come to the docks for the few that have tried getting out a little deeper.

For the flats guys, bonefishing has dropped off, but permit and a few tarpon are filling the gap.

Got to run. Tight lines,
Enjoy some Marathon Heart of the Florida Keys Fishing

captain dallas

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  1. capt.dallas,glad to have found you.we looked for you at seadog ,but they said you left[key west].going out with you had become a tradition for me and my 3 sons at christmas.this year my brother who also joins us ran into you at kmart.[big guy with beard]he said you are doing personal charters now.the last 2 years we rented a 27 footer from vacation boat rentals.we have caught a lot of good fish using the methods that you taught us.my kids quote you all the time.some of it is r rated. i really enjoy your humor,it comes throgh in your blogs.i now know that you can type and drink at the same time.you need to post more often.it's cold here in chicago so i like to know what's going on down there.i will try to send old pictures of us fishing with you.maybe you will recognize us. seeya ,joe