Sunday, March 02, 2008

Hogfish or Hog Snapper a Tasty Treat

One of greatest things about fishing the Florida Keys is the diversity of fish you can catch. One my personal favorites to catch is Hogfish also called Hog Snapper. First, I think they are neat looking and most of my customers have never seen one. Second, they have the whitest, firmest flesh you have ever seen.

Catching Hogfish hook and line is not all that easy. Because of all the other critters that share their neighborhood, you end up catching just about everything but Hogfish. So the best time to catch Hogfish is when nothing else is really biting. On the reef that is when you have clear water with very little current. The favorite bait for Hogfish is shrimp, the fresher the better and live is as fresh as they get.

Hogfish feed on the bottom, so jigs or weight of some sort is normally required. Even though using a jig you don’t really jig. Let the bait set on the bottom and just once and a while lift slowly to see if you have a bite. Most of the time you won’t feel a Hogfish bite, you just find you are hooked up when you lift your rod tip.

Hogfish can be found anywhere in the Keys and in nearly any depth. They do tend to like areas with sea fans on the bottom that they use for cover. If you try to target Hogfish, the reef in the 15 to 30 foot depth range is a good place to start. Remember clear water works to your advantage Hogfishing. You will probably catch a few Porgies fishing for the Hogfish. If they have any size to them you won’t be disappointed if you invite them to dinner.

So if you are having a slow day on the reef, think about shifting to Hogfishing until the current changes.

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Tight lines,

Capt. Dallas

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  1. Hey Capt. - we're looking for a guide to join us out of Pip's for a day or two week of 3/23-30/08. Maybe some Keys fishing 101?