Saturday, January 10, 2009

Back to the uni-knot

The diagram of the uniknot is borrowed from Paul's fishing kites website. As you can see a loop is made in the tag end then the tag end passed trough the loop and around the object to be tied. In this case the main line to attach a swivel. The reason I said it that way is to show you the versatility of the knot with words.

Snelling a hook with the uniknot you would pass the tag end through the hook eye make the loop and pass the tag end through the loop and around the object, the hook shank.

Line to leader with the uniknot your object is first the leader line then you make another uniknot with the leader around the second object the main line. Snug both lightly, pull the knots together then snug tight. That is a back to back uniknot.

You can make a double line with the uniknot by doubling a length of the your main line then using a back to back uniknot just like the line to leader.

You can even tie wire directly to your main line with a minor modification. Make two wraps around The wire, then fold the wire end running up your main line back on itself, then pass the main line tag end through the loop and around the both the wire and the folded back wire tag end. This is called a dog knot and is quite useful for fly fishermen targeting toothy critters.

Depending on the line size and type you should adjust the number of passes through the loop. For 15 to 30 pound six passes. Under 15 pound and thin braided lines, seven or eight passes as the line gets smaller. For over 50 pound, five passes decreasing to four passes as the line size goes up. Lubricate the knot with spit before snugging to prevent chaffing and help it draw tight especially with the heavier leaders.

The uniknot was invented by Vic Dunaway and is included in his book Baits, Tackle and Rigging. If you are serious about learning to fish that is a must for your reading room.

All of the uses mentioned are in Vic's book except for the dog knot which is a bit rare in fishing circles. Now go practice your uniknots.

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