Saturday, January 10, 2009

Double Line and Leader using the Spider Hitch and Noname Knots

Here is a video by another captain showing how to tie the Spider Hitch.

The video did not show the Hitch being lubricated before tightening. That is important to get the maximum knot strength. Watch closely how the small loop is formed and the direction the main loop is passed through the small loop. Five wraps is my recommendation, though for light lines (under 15 pounds) six is a good idea. There is some dispute over the strength of the knot since some people use four or even three wraps. With five wraps, well lubricated and very tightly snugged, my tests came out to nearly 96% of the main line. Of course I didn't have any fancy testing equipment, just a spring scale and my eyeballs.

Now the only reason I tie a Spider Hitch is to allow me to tie a heavier leader to the double line. The knot I use for that is the Bristol or Noname Knot. I may have to make my own diagram for the Bristol Knot I tie because it is a little different than the standard and a little easier to tie. Check back later.

Okay, the diagram is pretty crappy, but will have to do for now. The loop of the double line is pretty clear. The leader line requires a little explanation. From the left, the first hump is the leader line coming up through and back down through the double line. I use my left thumb to hold that loop in place. The next seven humps are wraps around the double line then the tag end of the leader goes through the loop held in place by my thumb. Holding the tag end and the leader draw the knot snug after lubrication. Finish by tugging the leader tight and then the tag end tight. Clip the tag end close to the finished knot.

The length of the leader and double line depends on what you are doing. For spinning rods and casting, I limit the double line to five feet and the leader to about six feet. For trolling I extend the leader to 10 to 15 feet.

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Capt. Dallas

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