Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Wedding

The wedding of Colleen and Jim went off without a hitch yesterday. Well maybe a little hitch or two.

Performing an outdoor wedding in a monsoon is a bit difficult so the event was hastily move in doors to the lobby of the Old Town Manor. The spacious lobby allow about forty of the attendees to witness the rites and still allow the wedding party cram in front with me plastered against the front wall. Of course as the time approached the sky cleared and the flood waters receded. That is supposed to be a good omen for what I hear.

This was Collen Jim and my first wedding considering our respective roles. Since I am not much of a public speaker I opted for metered liquid courage to relax the nerves and clear my wind pipe. For my part I did a perfect job other than deleting a couple lines, not waiting for the musician to finish and totally blowing my planned tempo. Still a wedding is a wedding so no one noticed other than the mother of the bride. When the newly weds get a chance to view the video I hope they still have a sense of humor.

The reception was of course postponed until today because of the monsoon that no longer existed. So I will probably head back to Key Weird for the great grub and the hopefully light scorn from the mother of the bride.

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Tight lines,

Capt. Dallas

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