Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 It Was the Hottest of Years, it was the Coldest of Years

What the Dickens was going on?  The first and last of the year delivered record low temperatures.  So low that I was thinking Central America was in my future.  Then the summer was so hot I had my first experience with heat stroke.  The extremes in weather strengthen my resolve in one way.  I will stick to my guns on having fun fishing and not push the stupidity envelope.

By that I mean if I politely tell people that it makes no sense to fish all day in marginal conditions I will refer them to some younger guy that has not had enough near death experiences yet.  So no fishing tournaments for me this year if the winds are over 20 knots or all day long in the sun on a flats boat in 100 plus degree heat.  Call me captain wussy.

The Gulf oil spill last year was a PITA.  While everything was causing turmoil I was on a radio show and asked my opinion.  I said that mother nature is a tough old broad and that things would not be as bad in the Keys as predicted.   I was right, but no body listens to guys like me when there are a wealth of educated people that think they know what they are talking about.  Just remember the predictions of the educated butt holes before discounting the opinions of guys that have to watch weather and currents to make a real living.

Health wise, the new year pretty much has to be better for me.  Can't be much worse anyway.  So I should be back into the game as much as I like this new year.  Just need to finish some paper work and all will be back to normal again.

Speaking of paper work, BP has requested that I don't sue them.  So I have signed a paper to that effect.  That doesn't mean I am a sell out to big oil.  The only people I would sue because of lost wages would be the mainstream media and the educated idiots that predicted things that would happen with high confidence that did not happen.  BP by the way has gone above and beyond helping out the regular folks that were impacted by the spill.  Scoff if you like at the commercials, but they have helped out guys that lost cash because of closed fisheries and fear of oil causing canceled vacations.

Well, time to try and tackle my tackle and get ready for this season.  Happy New Year guys.  Come on down and do some fishing.

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Tight lines,

Capt. Dallas

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