Friday, March 11, 2011

He' a Rocketman!

Robert "Rocketman" Hudson is back on stage at Porky's Bay Side!  Rocketman suffered a stroke a while back, but is getting back to doing what he loves to do.  Tonight was his first back on stage as Rocketman.  He has plenty of fans out there that will celebrate the news.

With the winds blowing with the last cold front, it is tough for me to find things to do other than solving all the world's problems on the internet.  So I just had to wander over to Mark's with a filched butternut squash and beg for food.  All Mark had was antelope, elk and oryx tenderloins.  You know, a little caribou or moose would be nice every now and again.  Seems like all I ever get is venison, elk, antelope and oryx.

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