Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Winds have Laid Down

As if by magic, the winds drop to something fish-able for me. The bigger boats have been getting out, though with not all that great of success on average. There are still a few cobia coming to the dock, Chris caught one on the Walkabout II yesterday, and a sailfish here and there, but nothing to make the front page. We are in the transition from the winter fishery to summer, so that is not all that unusual. Respectable catches, but nothing wild and crazy.

We are in the middle of the moon now and have warmer water temperatures, so the snapper bite should start turning to great on the reef after this moon. The bigger fish should start moving to the reef to stage for the spawn. Tarpon is nearing its sweet spot. More big girls are coming to the leader so most of the kids are geared up for the tarpon bite. Not many offshore reports because of the past wind, but the few boats that have been out are getting into dolphin pretty good with black fin tuna and a few larger wahoo. I should start running offshore here in the next few weeks if the weather holds.

I did fish a half day the other day on the reef. The current and winds were fine, but the water was a little off still. So the reef was slow. In the channel we had a good bite with mainly Lane snapper and a few decent mangroves. Tons of grouper of course since the season is still closed. That opens up the first of May. May is starting to get booked pretty well with grouper hunters wanting to get back into the action. I am kinda Jonesing for some grouper in the box myself. This four month closure is for the birds!

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Tight lines,

Capt. Dallas

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