Monday, May 14, 2012

New Record?

Not a good one though. this is the longest I have good without a blog post in some time. First, blogger which hosts the blog has made some changes. Unfortunately, not all were for the good. Seems like paragraphs are a hit or miss kinda things. The second reason is the fishing has sucked. The wind and rains seem to come when I have trips scheduled and go when I have nothing booked. I did manage to bore the heck out of a couple guys with slow full moon fishing, but that was about it. The only reason I am posting today is for the cook at the Seven Mile Grill.

Fonz, the cook, works his butt off most of the time but likes to fish. He does a good job of fishing, but the catching part has kinda baffled him. Since he likes grouper, I showed him how to catch grouper. We caught two for dinner, that took about 30 minutes of fishing time and came back. So now he can take off after work and actually bring home dinner. Now that most of my trips have been canceled. The bite seems to be picking up. Hopefully, this time I will be right. April was just about a total wind out and the first week of May had lots of wind and rain for the wrong time of the year. That really messed the tarpon fishing up for some time. Though, in the middle of the mess, B.J. Meyer managed to release fifty sailfish in a half day. That trip was a practice trip since the weather ran off most of the paying customers. Today, the winds were light and the water looked about normal again instead of milky white. The monster full moon with the rain and the wind was like a triple whammy. The tides are still running stronger than normal, but as long as wind stays under 25 knots and the rains don't pour for a while, the conditions should be fine. Dolphin offshore is still not fantastic. There are good numbers of keeper schoolies, but fish over twenty are more of a surprise than an expectation. The Mother's day Dolphin tourney was won by a 30 pound fish, which is pretty light. Before that tourney I manage two black fin on the full moon and there were a number of skunks I have heard of. That is not good for business. So today was a good sign that that is changing and I heard some other good reports. Stay tuned, I have a bunch of trips schedule that may actually happen if the weather holds. So I some have more reason to be posting here pretty soon. Marathon in the Florida Keys should be your next fishing vacation destination. Join us for charter fishing, fishing guide trips or our fishing 101 so you can fish on your own with better success. Tight lines, Capt. Dallas

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