Saturday, May 26, 2012

Boat Trailer and Other Stuff

I am supposed to be fishing with my little buddy Cole right now but the boat trailer blew a couple of tires.  So I am hangin' in the Seven Mile Grill blogging while the tires are rounded up in Islamarada for the trailer.  So we may not get out today.

While hangin' one of the customers at the Grill wandered up meet me.  Seems he is a follower of the blog.  It is kinda nice to be recognized.  It kinda makes me feel bad though about not organizing the parts of the blog that need the most organization.  Since that sounds like work, instead I will give a little fishing report and tip on tarpon.

Sam Nelson, a real tarpon guide, told me that the worm hatch has been going on at Bahia Honda.  The worm hatch can make fishing a little difficult if you don't have the right bait.  Crabs is that right bait.

The medium sized blue crabs are just the ticket.   Medium is what the bait stores call tarpon size crabs and are about 3 to 4 inches from point to point.  How you fish them is not all that complicated.  With just a hook, about a 5/0 for that size crab, you can just free line the crab in the current.  Using a float and weight can be a bit more productive under some circumstances so be flexible.  The current hot depth is about two feet below the float, but that is subject to change.

Right now the major bite has been at the Bahia Honda bridge.  The Seven Mile and Long Key bridges should be about ready to fire up if tarpon is your thing.

As I mentioned before, the bite offshore has been inconsistent.  I did hear good reports on tuna and dolphin around the humps this week, but closer in the fish have been a little hard to find.  Still haven't heard much on the Mangrove Snapper spawn.  There were not very many spawn fish on the spots I fished this week but fair numbers of keepers if you could get them to bite.  We didn't get too serious about yellow tailing this week but I did see plenty of good size fish nearly every place we put a chum bag in the water.

Well, once the trailer gets fixed, me and Cole will round up some better information, until then here is a redux of Cole dolphin fishing :)

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Tight lines,

Capt. Dallas

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