Tuesday, June 12, 2012

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When I take folks fishing I rarely get enough good photos.  I am generally busy doing something when the action is going on.  I request that my customers send my some photos and a note later.  Most don't send photos.  So there are a bunch of trips that I don't write about because of the lack of evidence.  There are a few trips I don't write about because they were not very memorable, so often trips are lumped together as a week kinda update.  I just got a note from someone that wanted to submit a story for the blog.  That is not what I intended for the blog, but I told him if the story is interesting, why not.

There is a little bit of challenge with this.  Most folks don't want to write about a trip unless they were really inspired.  Pissed off is pretty inspirational, so most editorials are on the negative side, doncha know.  I don't have very many really bad trips, but there are a few that were definitely less stellar.  One I didn't write about in any depth was a very long boat ride to the Hump that resulted in excess sun tannage and over consumption.  Another that resulted in green customers, a chance to dive the wheel plus some prop polishing action.  No serious damage to the customers or equipment in either case.  Both of those crews could write much more memorable stories than I could from their perspective.  Most other customers would rather have their pictures tell their story.

So while I don't have a comment policy other than the typical spam as in porn links, pyramid scam links and such, I guess I have to now start a guest post policy.  In my typically thoughtful manner, that policy is, "go for it".

Fishing wise, things have been slow.  Tomorrow I have a guide trip out of Little Torch Key for the basics, so there should be a few fish photos, but it is fishing, I don't how things will go until they get going.  Kinda like the guess post policy :)

A reminder though, if you have photos you haven't sent to me think about it.  You can upload them to an album on Photobucket or Flickr and just post the link.  Same thing for videos, upload to YouTube and sent the link.

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Tight lines,

Capt. Dallas

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