Wednesday, January 02, 2013

When the Sharks Bite, with their Teeth- Yeah

Frank with BlackTip about 25#

Jimmy with Black Tip about 15#

Joey with Black Tip about 20#

This is one of those ho hums for some fishermen and Hot Dang! for others.  Black Tip sharks of the smaller persuasion on light spinning tackle less than two miles from the dock. Normally, there would be a bunch of Mangrove Snapper to boot, but the Yellow Jacks kinda over whelmed the snapper bite.  The Yellow Jacks, which are supposed to taste a bit like the California Yellowtail according to a few of my left coast clients, mke a good dinner for both people and sharks.  So we traded in the yellow jacks on some pretty fast action as long as the tide ran.  Nothing for a local to bragg about, but Frank, Jimmy and Joey (from top) all seemed to enjoy that part of the show.  The largest weighted roughly 25 to 30 pounds and was caught on 15 pound test.  There were a couple of less photogenic fish that would have required a tad heavier line or a faster captain.
Joey with Red Grouper 
Joey shows that there are grouper biting during the closed season. ARRGH!

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 Tight lines,

 Capt. Dallas

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