Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Finally, Really Nice Weather.

The past two trips have been a pleasure, just like old times.  They were patch reef and bridge short half days with the new owner of the 7 Mile Grill. The trips were just quick afternoons when he could get away from business.  YellowTail Snapper, Margrove Snapper, Cero Mackerel and Yellow Jacks were the main menu items for the guys at the grill, but we did miss a few pretty interesting fish that may need another visit when Grouper Season opens up at the first of the month.

I have heard a few reports from offshore that seem to be getting better.  Not very many slammer dolphin yet to report, but there are more heavy swingers/light gaffers being brought to the dock.  Sam Nelson and Jeff Knapp are both back into the Tarpon thing.  We watch Sam release a nice fish Monday afternoon on the first half of the outgoing tide.  That is typical for this time of the year as most fish tend to chew a little better at the first of the outgoing at the bridge.

There are tons of Mangroves at the bridge, but unfortunately there are tons of small mangroves at the bridge.  That means that the right bait and a little patience is required to catch the larger fish.  Small Pinfish and Pilchards, if you can find them, are the best baits.  The live shrimp are too tasty for the little guys, but if you want a mess of pan sized fish quick, they will do the trick.

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Tight lines,

Capt. Dallas

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