Sunday, April 28, 2013

Wahoo at the Seven Mile Bridge

I took Pete, the new owner of the Seven Mile Grill, fishing the other day to show him basic windy day fishing stuff.  We fished the Seven Mile Bridge and caught a fair amount of Mangrove Snapper and yellow jacks.  While fishing I told him some of the stories about big smoker king mackerel that will move close to the brige on ocassion, big porgies, cobia, permit, pompano and all the other things that I have caught at the bridge but are not real target fish since they tend to move around a lot.

Pete caught on pretty well and took one of his buddies to the same are a couple of days ago.  They caught plent for dinner but also hook a wahoo up twice.  I know, they must have been drinking right? 

Well, when the Gulf Stream gets really close, like it was last week, it is not all that unusual for offshore fish to come up in the sand or shallow water.  I have seen sailfish and even tiny marlin in the Hawk Channel along with a 200 plus pound YellowFin Tuna on the patches under these kind of conditions.  It is rare, but does happen.  That adds a lot of credibility to their story along with the fact they are sticking to it while catching a lot of grief for having such an outrageous tale. 

The winds btw still suck, but the fishing is great.  The few days that a boat can get offshore, the dolphin and tuna are biting and you don't have to go much past 600 feet to catch them.  The tarpon are doing their thing mainly on the first half of the outgoing tide and the yellow tail guys are bringing in  more flags than normal.  Since Grouper season opens in a few days, FINALLY!, there will be a lot better reports then.

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Tight lines,

Capt. Dallas

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