Tuesday, December 17, 2013


With customers in town and the fish biting it is a bit frustrating to be sitting and waiting on "ideal" weather.  There are plenty of fishing opportunities available but I get customers that want a little more specialized fishing instruction experience.  With smaller boats that means the ocean side is closed to some of the more interesting adventures.  So it may be Thursday or Friday before I can provide an on the water report.

The season so far looks good.  Today the winds are manageable in the 15 knot range which shouldn't close the ocean side but my client has a few weeks and opted for the wait.  Hawk Channel is very fishy and fishable for the grouper/snapper guys and the bay side Spanish Mackerel bite is about as hot as it gets.  Since Grouper closes again the first of January down here due to fish stocks that may be under pressure somewhere else, the last two weeks of December will be dedicated to them and the Spanish more likely to be targeted after Grouper closes.  I am working on a few new recipes for the Spanish after experiencing Chum Salmon Jerky.  In fact I have a new to me Brinkman monster grill that I am planning to modify for drying/curing Spanish fillets for the Jerky instead on the standard smoked fish dip.

Sexy sport fish like the Sails and Tarpon are doing a very good job of entertaining folks right now.  How long that will last is anyone's guess, but the number of "resident" tarpon appears to have more than doubled over the last few years.  Along with that, Cobia, one of my favorites have been a lot more reliable than say 5 years ago, in the bay.   That means that there can be some spots in the bay that I haven't used in a few years due to algae issues following Wilma that should be hot as a firecracker again. 

So sorry for the low number of posts but that should change pretty soon from the looks of things

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Tight lines,

Capt. Dallas

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