Sunday, December 29, 2013

Jacob and the Bull Shark

It is not everyday I see something new fishing but today I did. While showing a crew from Jacksonville a few spots today at the Seven Mile Bridge Jacob hooked into a a trade up Bull Shark.  A fish ate his pinfish the the Bull Shark ate that fish and since we had wire leaders for the toothy critters the game was on.  After following the shark for about an hour still without a look at the big fellow, the shark did a a rare straight out of the water leap.  It came up about 25 yards for the boat and with what appeared to be a toothy grin spin and broke the line.  Estimated at 200 to 400 pounds, the respectable size critter didn't clear the water instead doing a Flipper kind of tail stand which of course no one had a camera ready for since the fish had been on for an hour.  I have never seen a Bull Shark trying to do a tail walk.  Pretty interesting.

 What the shark probably ate was one of these Yellow Jacks which really don't get the press they deserve.  They are good fighters and most find they are one of the tastier jacks.  So tasty that they are becoming a Sushi species for some of the locals in the know.  I still prefer them lightly smoked but they do make good sushi rolls in the right hands. 

This Black Grouper just missed a dinner invitation and there were a few mystery fish that had potential, but while there were plenty of Mangroves in the slick, the bait situation and Jack/Shark presence determined the plot line for today's quickly put together fishing 101. 

The weather looks like it will be pretty nice for the next few days so I will have more reports.  The video from last week didn't turn out all that great so I will give that another shot on the patches or rock piles in a few days.

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Tight lines,

Capt. Dallas

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