Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Gulf Wrecks - Fish Stacked up but bite slow

We rolled the dice yesterday and tried a Gulf Wreck trip in search of Cobia.  Other than this respectable Sheephead and a few respectable Mangroves (about 3 pounds) we were overload with Blue runners to the point of not having much of a chance at anything else.

Normally, live baiting a few Blue Runners on the wrecks will stimulate something big, a Shark, King Mackerel, Goliath, Barracuda, something, to at least take a look.  Nope.  Pinfish helped avoid the Blue Runner onslaught and produced the Mangroves.  If a shrimp made it to the wreck which was stacked up with fish on the bottom finder you have a chance at a Sheephead.  When hit a few wrecks but Porpoise aka bottle nose dolphin were about every where making fishing a bit tough.

So I rolled the dice with a chance of being a hero, nice Cobia, or a goat, nada, and got nada to write home about with dirty water covering most of the Bay.

There was a streak of clean water close that seemed to be the only productive Spanish Area for guys looking for mackerel.  My crew had done plenty of that so Kings and Cobia were the target species for a little better drag challenges.  Today is another day so we will se how that works out.

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 Tight lines,

 Capt. Dallas

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