Sunday, March 29, 2015

Last Cold Front?

The winds picked up just enough to make fishing more of a challenge.  We had two trips on the Lady Catherine, and offshore and a Bay Side and both were slower than normal.  Offshore the hump was pretty dead but we found fish about 2 miles west of the hump.  When we could catch up with them we caught a few but it was hard getting the fish behind the boat in pretty confused seas.

Bay Side we had wind against current and anchoring issues.  We would get set up about right and catch a nice mixed bag until the the wind picked up then we had to hunt for another spot.  We ended up with a nice mixed bag of mainly Mangrove with a few 'tail and Porgies, but it wasn't a chamber of commerce kind of trip.  The last day was a blow out which was find with my because my knees and back could use a little break.

It looks like we have some better weather coming so we should be back out there tomorrow.  Since there are a few sailfish moving through maybe we can get lucky.

If this is the last cold front, then Dolphin should be the main event for a while.  April, May and June are the big Dolphin months along with Tarpon, Permit and a few others.  Then things shift into Snapper with the spawn starting in June depending on the moon and lasting until August at times.  In a couple of days Grouper will open up finally which will give us another fall back species for the cleaning table center piece.

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 Tight lines,

 Capt. Dallas

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