Saturday, October 10, 2015

October 2015

September and October are my slowest times of the year and I generally like the break.  I get to see a Football game or two, mess with people online, plan some new project I won't finish and generally relax.  With any luck the first cold front will drop down soon and I can actually enjoy piddling around outside.

As usual the fishing reports are on the slow side but this year there are some interesting ones.  Several blue marlin have been released by the usual suspect Sea Boots and the kids have post a number of tiny sailfish caught during their offshore trips.  Dolphin are still out there with some big boys but with the wind shift for Joaquin, they are having a little more trouble finding fish.  That means more blind trolling so there have been more Wahoo caught.  Skipjacks and Lil Tunny seem to be more regular than the Blackfin right now.

Lots of good sized Jack Crevelle messing with the yellowtail fishermen which are fun to catch but not high on many fish eater lists.  They aren't bad smoked in my opinion but that isn't much of an endorsement.  They are the ticket though if you want to tangle with a shark or two.

When the current isn't right, the patches are producing as usual with a nice Black Grouper hitting the dock from time to time.

I have had a couple or three trips that got delayed/put off so I haven't gotten my one or two I normally get this time of year. Now that the weather appears to be getting more predictable I should start picking up a few, but the book doesn't start getting busy until December, with a maybe or two before Thanksgiving, as usual.  I did notice that the buzzards are starting to show up which means it won't be long before the Spanish Mackerel start showing up.  If you happen to be a smoked fish fan you might be able to get an early start this year.  Spanish Mackerel catching is fun whether or not you like smoked fish, btw.

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 Tight lines,

 Capt. Dallas

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