Wednesday, December 30, 2015

A little near offshore action

Yesterday we had a full day is gusty southeast winds.  What we did was easy out and just trolled the edge of the reef out to about 200 feet.  Other than a 2 hour dry spell fro 12:00 to 2:00 we had a slow by steady bite of dolphin (mahi mahi), little Tunny and a mackerel here and there.  Nothing big, largest dolphin was about 10 pounds, but we ended up with 8 dolphin, two mackerel and a load of little tunny.  The little tunny are a PITA to fillet out to get the little tenderloin fillets, but they make good tuna snacks.  Dolphin of any size are always great fun and great food.

Once the little tunny get over about 5 pounds you have to be a serious tuna lover or a bit nuts to enjoy, but the small fillets are very white and tasty after removing the blood line.  On most boats I wouldn't bother with them but Captain David is a big fan so we ended up with a bag full of little tunny fillets (about 5 pounds).  Like I said they are good but it takes a lot of time, so we spent a couple of hours at the cleaning table.

Thanks to my happy pills I was able to enjoy most of the day on the fly bridge and only dipped the bow a dozen times or so.  David's cell phone and wallet plus most of the stuff in the cabin got a salt water wash down and the boat got a less less than thorough scrubbing in the dark.

I should get some pictures from the crew so I will post them we I do.
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 Tight lines,

 Capt. Dallas

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