Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Holiday Rush

I should have posted a couple of days ago but I was bushed.  I fished 10 days in a row which 10 years ago would not have been a big deal, I have done 45 days in a row, but now it is a little more challenging.

I got most of the people in that wanted to go but unfortunately had to pass on one regular thanks to a local captain doing something totally weird and thinking he was entitle to a little vacation time hisself.  One of the ten days was actually calm enough to do ocean side with a crew that was new to the snapper catching thing.  They also had to release two formerly legal red grouper because of Uncle Sugar's Grinch Grouper Policy.  Both of those were caught on 12 pound test which made for a pretty good show especially when young Noah (about 9 I guess) managed to land his first ever.

With the wind howling and pretty steady rain for the past two days I have caught up on my nap time as well as my bills.  Not to worry though, the forecast looks pretty good for the next week though I may have to wear more clothes than normal.

Booking wise I have a few new customers along with many of the older gang coming back which is good but most of the calendar is open which is about normal with weather being a bit iffy.  I do need to work with the Lady Catherine to get a more reliable supply of live bait.  The dock she is at tends to be marginal for keeping bait and the bait boat is located on the Bay Side making things a bit of a challenge.  Live bait would mainly be for sailfish which have just been trickling in but could fire off any day.

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 Tight lines,

 Capt. Dallas

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