Thursday, January 21, 2016

Crazy Day

Hey, it's a white boat with a center console.  I started off by stealing a boat from Shelter Bay in mucho frio temperatures.  Well, not stealing, just test driving.  Anyway, I had a boat to pick up and deliver but I jumped on the wrong boat.  I figured out it was the wrong boat, returned and got the right on and finished that job.  The guys at Shelter Bay probably are still laughing.

On the way to steal the boat, I got Captain David to help and we used his van for the road part of things.  His van was having a bad day so after stalling a few times, he made it to NAPA to get some hoses to fix things.

We had a late half day with a crew from China.  Almost all my jokes are not in Chinese so when we hit a slow bite I had to resort to more gestures than normal.  While the bite was slow we caught enough fish for dinner and had a better than average sunset.  That sunset was followed by cleaning the boat and gear in the dark which seems to take a bit longer.

Not much to report other than how easy it is to steal boats down here.  The cold snap has dropped the water temperatures enough to fire off a bit of a sailfish bite if you happen to be able to stand some sporty seas and pushed the Spanish Mackerel down closer to the island.  The Snapper bite inside the reef is a bit slow because of the rapid temperature change but it should be pretty hot on the reef, again with pretty sporty seas.  The shrimp are running so they are pretty much a must have bait to get things started in shore if you want Snapper.  Grouper are of course still closed so expect to hook plenty of them.

BTW, 'spaining to the Chinese that their biggest fish had to go back was pretty entertaining.  They were a good crew though and enjoyed the variety they caught.

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 Tight lines,

 Capt. Dallas

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