Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Can You Handle a Permit!

My job as a guide is to put you on the fish,your's is to catch them. Fred, found that the job of the angler is not all that easy today.

Fred wanted to tangle with a permit or ten. He had plenty of shots, but not a single fish to the boat. He has a reel to repair after a big fished smoked it and a few stories to tell.

The fish won! Fred didn't lose, he gained a brand new respect for permit. O for ten is part of permit fishing. I have gone 26 for 26 or 0 for ten. That's fishing!

While I would have loved to get a few pics for the blog, you don't boat every world class permit you hook. Even with the thirty pound test tackle that Fred had, it just ain't that easy to bring a 35 plus pound permit to the boat.

I do get a sadistic pleasure out of puting people on fish that can kick their butts! It was a beautiful day and the permit won. Fred, may not have boated a fish, but he was not a loser.

Tight lines,


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