Friday, April 06, 2007

Key West Tarpon Bite

The tarpon bite in Key West is heating up! I had a snapper/grouper trip today and we sat there catch and releasing mangs and groups all the while watching the 'poons roll around the boat.

After taking a break to get out of a rain storm, (yeah, we ran back to the bight and hung out shopping until the rain quit), I talked my crew in to trying just a few drifts for tarpon. Third drift we hooked up with one that might go 150. Got a couple of good jumps then she headed to channel marker and got wrapped.
Game over, but the crew had fun. The other boats out of Almost There hung a few. Captain Jeff had an angler on a 125 for two hours before the release. Lucky Bo managed to hook 30 to 50 pounders. He boated two that I know of and had another on.

Any who, the tarpon are biting.

Tight lines

Capt. Dallas

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