Monday, April 30, 2007

Crazy Fishing Season

This has been the craziest fishing season I have ever seen in the Keys. On the whole, the bite has been good. Still there seems to be two great days and the next is sucky.

That may be due to the winds which have erratic. Customer wise it has been a lot slower than normal. Trips were averaging about half of last year, but started picking up the week before last only to slow down again.

Offshore, the dolphin, tuna and wahoo are getting into high gear. The big hammerheads are moving in so the tarpon bite is getting right. The permit are doing their thing on the wrecks. With the wind laying down, bones on the flats should kick up.

Reef wise, the snapper are starting to be more cooperative, though the grouper bite seems slower than normal. Hawk channel rock piles have been very productive on the windy days when range is limited.

May June and July, are primetime guys. Now that the fish are settling into more consistant patterns, it is time to come on down. If you are planning a trip make sure you book ahead for the offshore boats. If you are looking to save a little cash, check out places like Captain Pips or one of the others with rental boats.

Tight lines,
captain dallas


  1. It's definately boating season here and Lake Mead is the best place to go. I plan on going to Lake Mean before it gets to hott and maybe we;ll rent a boat. Don't know about fishing but just talking a lazy ride around would be fun.

  2. Hey, any day on the water is a great day. Take a rod and real though. You don't have to bait the hook if you don't want to.