Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Rains Have Stopped!

Took a hangover day to deal with my BP claim and do some laundry.  It is a beautiful day and I noticed that a good number of charters are on the water today.  I really wasn't going to post anything today but, I had a chat with a sports writer this morning.  On the whole I don't care much for sports writers because they never want to pay and promise that they will make you famous.  After being in Bass Masters, a couple of other magazines and a bunch of papers, I ain't famous and I am out a couple grand in fuel, bait and other costs.  I have to admit that one sports writer not only paid for the trip but tipped me as well.  He wrote for the long Island fisherman magazine, so they be good folks.

Anywho, the sports writer took a look at my blog and made some notes.  While showing him my blog I saw the Bahia Honda bridge cam link.  You should check it out even if it is not cold as a witch's bosom in a brass bodice up in the north country.  There are still lots of tarpon and snook at the bridge.

As far as the BP claim goes I only have five days that I know of that I lost due to fear of oil.  There are probably more more but no one has stepped up to the plate and said so.  The one claim I have is from a French Canadian that speaks okay English, he just can't write it worth a damn.  So I will see how well the BP guys can read between the lines.  The claim is only for about a grand but that is a lot of cash to me right now.

A lot of other guides and charters down here are not filing claims because their lawyers are waiting on a class action suit.  I think that is a bad move since BP has made a big deal out of separating things out county by county.  The only impact Monroe County has had is media hype causing cancellations.

ETA: While typing this in at the Brass Monkey while I was waiting on  my laundry to dry every one wanted to watch the bridge cam.  You should check it out around slack tide..

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Tight lines,
Capt. Dallas

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