Wednesday, July 06, 2011

The Big Move!

The off season in the Keys is known for craziness. Not that sanity reigns the rest of the year, just more weird stuff happens in the off season. This off season my land lord decided to piss of the code enforcement lady from the city. He did a remarkable job! Now he is evicted, the old neighborhood is in turmoil and the bus has a new home until things get back to normal.

Above is a picture of the bus. The bus has been enjoying life under a large ficus tree since November of 2005. Since she was sitting a while, it took a little work to convince her that she needed to move. Most of the convincing was typical repair of belts and hoses. She threw in a new wrinkle this time wanting a new custom made drive shaft. I have never built a drive shaft before, but I can no longer say that.

So while playing mechanic I have not been posting much. I did fish last week and today. The photo above is our catch today with Clint and son Cole. Cole is 6 years old and a pleasure to fish with. The tuna bite was a little disappointing today but the freezer filling size dolphin were thick once we hit the wall. We kept these, released a few on purpose and a bunch more because we had more fish on than anglers. Cole and dad had a great time. I may get in another half day tomorrow, then back to bus pampering.

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Tight lines,

Capt. Dallas

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